XL 8x4x4 FEET Square Bale Hay Net Large & Small

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Large Square Hay bale Net is KNOTLESS 5mm THICK

 Small Square Hay Bale is KNOTTED ( 1.75"inch Hole size )

Features Of Our Netting:- 

Thickness = 5mm  Poly Material ( For Knotless ) 

Type = Knottless ( 2.5inch " Holes ) 

Colour = Black/Royal Blue ( Depends on Availability )

Hole Size = 2.5" inches

LARGE Net Size =  4x4x8 ( Easily FITS a 3x3x8 Large Bale  )

Easy to Use. Just Throw on Top / Flip the Bale / Tighten the Knot

** WARRANTY ( On Large Only )


Even the best Haynets in the Industry will get holes/tear/damages from time to time. Our Free Repair Kit is something that helps the customer to fix the holes quickly and avoid purchasing a new net. So more savings on $$$

The Main Purpose of these Nets is to slow feed your horses, goats,sheeps etc. These Nets are designed to help in slowing down the eating capacity of the horses etc and NOT to be acting like an INDESTRUCTIBLE material that can avoid the CHEWING of THE NETS.

With time to time there might be small holes/openings which can be easily fixed by the REPAIR KIT. At the end of the day these are NETS and not HEAVY METALLIC OBJECTS, so minor holes would be a possibility. 

There is NO-WAY to completely stop the CHEWING of NETS

** PRECAUTION:- Animals with BOOTS, Blankets and Break-Away-Halters should not be feeded via Slowfeed Haynets. There are chances of their Metal parts getting stuck with the nets. If they are being fed upon by these nets then extra precaution should be taken by the owner/grazer and do keep a check on the horses/animal.